1) Talk no not as much as a word all through the test.

2) The scores depend on your all-encompassing execution in the three rounds. Each round isn’t surveyed independently. So if u don’t perform well in one round, attempt to give your best in the following one.

3) In the second round, represent finish 2 minutes. Neglecting to do as such will lessen your score.

4) In the second round, make utilization of the first moment given to you to do the required scratch work. Try not to think about the decisions, rather develop your answer.

5) IELTS, does not anticipate that you will utilize an abnormal state vocabulary, yet recollect you ought not sound basic.

6) Try to shape complex sentences yet don’t be repetitive and circumfluent. Be brief and exact.

7) Try to demonstrate your scope of syntax by utilizing distinctive syntactic structures of sentences. Linguistic range is one of the appraisal criteria.

8) Use the strained in the sentence fittingly. Watch the strained in the inquiry and take after a similar tense in your reaction.

9) Don’t get pestered by the recorder the inspector has. That is only for the organization reason and you have literally nothing to do with it.

10) The volume and the pace with which you talk ought to be sufficiently direct for the analyst to comprehend you. Try not to talk low nor yell and in the meantime don’t pace up.