How to prepare for IELTS exam – by instituteofielts

Why the IELTS?

Universities and also employers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, and the USA take the IELTS into consideration. If you want to be flying to any of these destinations for your higher studies anytime soon, it’s time to take the IELTS seriously. Taking the IELTS could really open doors for you all over the world!

Interested to know how to get started with your IELTS prep? Here are a few pointers for you…

Know. It. All.

As the simple initial step of your IELTS prep, we propose you take in about the test itself. Go on the web and visit their official site and read up.

The test is partitioned into four modules that will test your tuning in, perusing, composing, and talking abilities. Every module will get you a specific band score according to your execution. One intriguing must know reality for you — with regards to the IELTS, there is no pass or come up short! Your outcomes will be accounted for on a 9-band scale and will be legitimate for a time of two years… How cool is that? best IELTS coaching in Hyderabad

Presently, a tad about the modules you will take:

Tuning in: This 30 minute-module has four segments and will fundamentally make them tune in to a sound chronicle and have you answer inquiries from a booklet.

Perusing: This hour-long module involves 40 addresses that will test you on an extensive variety of perusing abilities incorporate perusing for principle thoughts, skimming, perusing for detail, and understanding sensible contention. It is partitioned into two forms: the scholastic and general preparing renditions.

Composing: This hour-long module has two variants: scholastic and general preparing. The scholastic involves two undertakings, in short — one: portraying a graph or an outline; two: composition an exposition in light of an issue of contention. The general preparing additionally includes two undertakings – 1) composing a letter because of a circumstance; 2) composing a paper in light of an issue or contention (this one might be more individual than the first). best IELTS coaching centres in Hyderabad

Speaking: This module may last from anyplace between 11-14 minutes and surveys you are communicated in English aptitudes. This will be only a discussion with a guaranteed IETLS inspector.

The Listening, Reading and Writing modules will come in a steady progression on your test day. Your Speaking module, notwithstanding, might be on an alternate day — for the most part, either seven days prior or after your real test date.

Time to Go Shopping!

Research on the web and ensure you get yourself some best examination manages straight from the market. You won’t lament putting your cash in these, we guarantee.


Paint Yourself A Clear Picture!

We prescribe you to get your prep on no less than three to a half year early, if not prior. We realize that you need to acquire a specific IELTS Band Score that you have as a main priority, which is awesome, as long it is an achievable and sensible objective. Remember that this test is a general trial of your capability in the dialect so it expects you to be something other than a savant (you heard right!). Remain 100% committed to your prep and hone your dialect aptitudes in all strategies conceivable

Practice Away!

As you begin with the prep, how long every day do you intend to save for each of the four subtests?

Normal practice is critical, yet do give yourself a breather; a day away from work of your wild prepare in seven days won’t do you any damage. They don’t state that unwavering mindsets always win in the end for reasons unknown! Long interims are not a smart thought, however!

As you take rehearse tests, you will see your territories of shortcoming that you may need to invest some additional energy into. Try not to escape and put excessively energy into your frail territories alone, however. Ensure you cover and work on all zones.

How Fast Are You?

Numerous a times, we hear that hopefuls can’t execute and they had would have liked to, on the grounds that time ran out quick in the perusing test or their tape was so quick in their listening test. On the off chance that you can’t complete your test, it isn’t the apocalypse, as you might be estimated on a scale from 0 to 9, where 0 is for the individuals who did not endeavour it. Spotlight on getting yourself to your best pace in the test — be quick, mindful and sharp. Along these lines, you will limit your odds of coming up short on time.

All Ears!

When you are taking the listening test, remember that the tape is played just once — so it pays to recollect what you hear. Give careful consideration!

Talk, Walk & Breathe in English!

For acing a test like the IELTS, we emphatically prescribe you to utilize English as much as you can in your regular daily existence. Here are a couple of straightforward things you could do that could have any kind of effect:

Read up diaries, articles, and daily papers and be educated on current occasions and issues, which might just end up being a theme for the talking or composing module!

Switch on your TV and check out CNN and BBC; British motion pictures — that will help!

Get yourself used to the different English intonations from around the globe — the Australian, American, British, New Zealand, and even Canadian.

Work on considering and furthermore talking in English as much as you can with your mates and your family.

Compose messages and letters to hone your composed aptitudes and — who knows — you may influence a pen to buddy or two all the while!

Fake Accent!

What’s critical is your articulation, not the emphasize. In the event that your articulation isn’t right even with and a la mode highlight, it will at present cost you checks here. Avoid misspeaking and that is all you require.

Who Says?

Heard that the IELTS would be a more difficult exam in comparison with any other? Don’t believe everything you hear — there are quite a lot of myths about the test! The test does not pose any more difficult than any other exam you would have to take for higher studies abroad. The IELTS has questions that are straightforward to assess your English language skills — so don’t get all worked up. Losing your cool isn’t going to do you any good here — trust us and focus on your prep!

Rest before D Day!

The three tests: Listening, Reading, and Writing Tests are usually held on one morning and with no break — so in other words, you really have to be at your best for quite a considerable amount of time here. This is why we strongly advise you to eat well and get some good sleep before your big day — your mind should be fresh and ready.


You will receive your test results 13 days post your test date. Your test centre will post your Test Report Form to you and some test centres may offer you text alerts and an online results service as well.


It is safe to say that you are frustrated with your outcomes? Indeed, you can retake the IELTS test on the off chance that you are hoping to improve the situation. There are no impediments on how often you can retake the test however you should apply inside about a month and a half of the test date. There are no impediments about how often a man can retake the IELTS.

IELTS Training

To enable you to assist with your test arrangement, Hotcourses India gives IELTS instructional courses in its workplaces in Delhi and Chennai. In-class instructional meetings, and also online classes, are accessible for understudies. The classes, which are held six days seven days, are led by experienced mentors who are qualified English dialect specialists.


In light of the program and foundation where you intend to ponder, you should anchor a general IELTS score going from 5.5 to 7.0. Since you have perused this article, we trust that you have an unmistakable arrangement to split the IELTS now. In the event of some other help with your examination abroad plans, connect with us. We’d be cheerful to get notification from you!


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