Continuously read the “Foundation Statement” precisely.

This can be in a solitary sentence and up to a greatest of four-sentence proclamation. You should address all parts of the inquiry to achieve full stamps in – Task Response

At that point Focus on the last piece of the announcement as this tells you what kind of an article it is.

Question reaction in view of:

Expositions which ask – (Agree or Disagree/Argument) expect you to give your perspective of the point in the Introduction or otherwise called the first Body Paragraph.

Expositions which ask – (Discuss the two sides and give your sentiment/Solution) expect you to answer all parts of the announcements in singular passages and after that at long last give your decision of feeling or arrangement in the last body section which precedes the Conclusion.

Keep in mind, you ought to dependably compose at least 250 words, which implies you could go up to 320 words max and your article must be in 4-5 sections

1. Arranging

The initial step is to design. This must be based on noting the inquiry. Try not to get diverted by particular words in the inquiry. Accordingly, numerous understudies see a Key point word and after that answer. However, neglect to answer the inquiry completely.

You should break down the full inquiry

Recognize the distinctive parts to the inquiry

Clear up the particular theme

Comprehend the total prerequisites in the inquiry.

You can’t bear the cost of not to design your article, as it spares you time and furthermore essentially addresses all the IELTS appraisal criteria. Along these lines, you will be more proficient and more powerful.

Recognize all the catchphrases in the inquiry by either orbiting or underlining them. This gives you an emphasis on what you have to expound on.

At that point consider equivalent words for these catchphrases.

For instance – Alternative types of transport ought to be energized and universal laws acquainted with control auto proprietorship and utilize.

What exactly degree do you concur or oppose this idea?

Equivalent words –

Elective = other/unique/discretionary

Transport = transportation

Empowered = advanced/pushed/bolstered

Laws = enactments/rules/controls

Control = direct/oversee/confine.

Auto = vehicle/car

You may utilize these equivalent words all through your article to exhibit the scope of your vocabulary. At that point conceptualize conceivable thoughts for all parts of the inquiry.

You should choose your situation in connection to the undertaking.

For instance – you may concur/you may deviate/sit going back and forth (70-30)

Presently we should check these thoughts for the article question.

Elective types of transport ought to be empowered. ( Agree )

Elective transport – implies more autos = more contamination/activity clog. Consequently, unfortunate and wasteful urban communities

Open transport – more effective and ecologically cordial. For instance, metro and open transport high use will require master paths.

Worldwide laws acquainted with control auto proprietorship and utilize. (Oppose this idea)

Control – implies limiting individual opportunity and decision.

Worldwide laws – auto and oil industry will emphatically question = versus ground-breaking ventures = so there is a little different in this.


On a fundamental level concur – elective transport conceivable – control and global laws troublesome.

This is your entire arranging stage.

2. Sorting out –

Here, you have to choose and compose your thoughts by separating your exposition into partitioned passages and afterwards be prepared to grow the thoughts.

Continuously go for = Idea – Explain – Example

The thought presentation will successfully be your Topic Sentence. Further, consider the Linking Sentences and Paragraphs.

Doing these, you are tending to the Coherence and Cohesion of Ielts composing. Presently, you are prepared to compose

3. Composing

Give careful consideration to your arrangement and generally the amount you have composed. Keep in mind there is a 250 word restrict prerequisite for Ielts errand 2.

4. Assessing

Ensure you have addressed all parts of the Ielts question. This is basic to the Task Response criteria of Ielts Writing Task 2. In the event that you understand that you have not done this, you may need to add more data to your article.

5. Amending –

At long last, you are prepared to overhaul and alter your paper.

Glance through your exposition for conceivable Grammar and Spelling Mistakes. Doing this is basic to the Grammar criteria of the Ielts composing.

This is the 5 phases of IELTS Writing Task 2

Doing every one of these means promises you a higher band score of 7 or more in your IELTS Writing Task 2.